Why goal setting is important ?


10 Tips to Goal Plan

The first and most important thing about Goal Planning is knowing what you have to do before starting the process and why you are doing it. Get a note book or piece of paper and write each title from the list below. 

1. If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know the direction to go?

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You are in charge of your own mind, or are you? Are you being pushed into making life decisions by the wants and needs of others?  If you have no plans of your own you may find yourself doing meaningless jobs that are other peoples’ priorities.

How can you make sure you are living by your own values and meeting your own needs and priorities? What are your personal values?

Complete this questionnaire to dig deeper. In Seasonal Yoga we always talk about our life values as part of the Metal Element (Autumn) coins/ metal / value – but always useful to do this in any season! 


2. Look at your achievements for last year 

Knowing you can achieve and giving yourself a pat on the back helps with moving ahead in achieving last year’s goals and you create a positive attitude to planning them for this year.  Keep list of your achievements on a piece of paper. I have a goal book which I use each year and it’s interesting to look back at my steady improvement and achievements over the years I have been doing this. 

3. Look at the things that happened that you could have done without

It’s usually called “Pulling the Weeds”.   Look at this list then look at what you did to resolve the emotional upheavals created.  The past is gone, now look ahead.

4. What did you not achieve which you wished you had? 

Look at the list and work out which of the things on the list you would still like to happen and why.  Also think about why you didn’t achieve them. 

5. What about the things you succeeded in? 

How did you do it?  Think about this question and answer “how” for each achievement, listing them down

6. What made you happy last year? 

Close your eyes and recapture the moments of happiness – write them down.

7. What roles do I have in my life? 

List all the roles you have in your life.  

8. How much time to you spend in each role? 

Draw a circle and map like a pizza.  How much time you spend doing each role ?  Section each subject in pizza slices, then mark how much of that slice you spend in that role.

9. Look at the wheel – notice where the spaces are and where the time is full

Connect the pizza slices by joining the dots, then seeing how your wheel looks ? What are the gaps in your life?  Would you like to fill them?  

10. Look at your values from point 1 

Now list your top three values, the things you would like to achieve for next year.  Be realistic but do set high standards. 

Now your road map is set for the coming year. You have a clear direction.  Meditate on it.  Remind yourself constantly and see if you can realise your dreams for this year or at least make a dent in moving toward them.