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The weird thing about this whole article is it’s like a returning to the roots. I heard the very amusing Graham Norton on his Saturday morning radio show a couple of weeks ago saying that isn’t it funny how the image of 2020 from the space of years ago was wearing suits that look like Star Trek.  Everything will be automated anyway; going to work in a pair of “hoover boots”. Where the reality is – he is a vegetarian  and  going to work on his bike – it seems everything is going back to nature rather than back to the Future. 

The whole industry we are in, if you attend any form of yoga fitness class or gym as I said in the previous blog, is undergoing massive change for a provider of both education and classes.  It’s a really interesting problem because if you are going to be on top of changes in your industry you have to work out where it’s all going

Seems to me like of all the things we do on a daily basis the self service industry is the one that is surfacing very quickly.  Who have imagined you would be checking through your own shopping or booking and printing off your own airline tickets or even scanning yourself through security and passport control!  Life is becoming a regular DIY! 

The fitness industry is no different. One of the biggest booming parts of this is evident from the company F.45 that does the hiring of spin bikes delivered to your home so you can join in from the luxury of your home and spin with your choice of teacher, or even join in with worldwide groups any time you want.  Yoga with Adrienne, a hugely watched YouTube Yogi  (5.7 million subscribers), is capturing people who are choosing to do her short but effective do-anywhere any-time in the comfort of your own home yoga flows  because they can fit them realistically into their ever busier becoming lives.  

The penny has finally dropped.  People are taking control of designing their own fitness and yoga programs realising that self preservation and maintaining their own energy is up to them. The general public are finding it more and more difficult to find a two hour time slot to go to the gym, the pressure of work and family and expectations via others because of social media, and instant accessibility is making time shorter than it ever was.  So if you want to stay fit and healthy you have to work out how it’s going to fit into your life and your timing. 

But where does that leave us the providers?   Unless you’re going to start making weekly or even daily videos, then try to market them for free,  how can we help or get into this market?  I think one of the solutions is to realise we have a responsibility particular in yoga teaching to encourage people and show them how to have a home practice.  A bit like Graham Norton we’re going back to our roots and how it was originally designed.  This practice of yoga is all about self practice but the key to this is that people don’t know how?  So one of our most important jobs is to show them. 

Whilst doing that you also need to explain why you’re then giving the customer more value, catering for their needs and their values, and therefore becoming more important in their lives. The community and tribe vibe now comes into this a little bit.  There is a huge surge towards community-based clubs, classes and gatherings. By making your class as a group aware that you are giving them more than just a quick one hour fix they feel they are part of something.  Giving them handouts or doing it once-a-season retreat day where are you showing them how to bring the do-it-yourself season into their life at home? Giving them time to interact with each other over a cup of tea and a seasonal snack or create this community support feeling, and hopefully at the same time give you, the business owner, something unique.   With less people passing through and more people committing to regular updates from you, they can bring it into their lives properly.

It has come full circle. I think Yoga is coming back to its roots.  Accessible access and knowledge that people will get from teachers like us of how they can bring it into their lives permanently and benefit from it whatever they are and whatever age they are,  with you as their guide. 

Give them more!  A simple home yoga flow drawing or an outline at the beginning of the season,  guidelines of how to bring seasonal living in the home in a handout,  and they will want a seasonal afternoon retreat with all the guidelines on how to live the season at home.  And you will become a very popular teacher with an increasing bigger community because you value the people in it!

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Teacher Training

The Seven Best Ways you could talk yourself out of a Teacher Training Course !!!

Confused Yoga Student ponders whether to join a yoga teacher training course

The thinking process of “Will I? … Won’t I?” happens to everyone trying to make the decision to embark on a Teacher Training course. 

Running it past the logical left brain will give you your old beliefs and learned logistical patterns.  These are often negative.   Your right brain thinks – “how can I creatively make this happen in my life?”, so also running it past this side where your thoughts are usually positive allows a more balanced viewpoint looking from both sides. 

Engaging the thinking mind and then going beyond the thinking mind to the realms of infinite possibilities can lead you to a life changing decision.

Here are seven negative beliefs that can stop you making that jump! 

1. I am not good enough                                                                      

Internal Dialogue: 

Everybody will be so much better than me and so much more experienced 

Course Director:

A good course should cater for everyone and make you feel reassured at the interview process. Often those with the least experience turn out to be the best and most passionate teachers. 

2. I can’t do difficult postures

Internal Dialogue: 

I’m frightened to be embarrassed or put in a position that my body finds too difficult and maybe hurt myself.

Course Director:

Yoga is for all – all shapes sizes and abilities. This means teachers should be all shapes sizes and abilities too as they inspire and attract others most like themselves.

3. My life is too busy to add anything extra onto it! 

Internal Dialogue: 

I can’t possibly spin any more plates, do homework and read because I am already stressed as it is! 

Course Director:

Isn’t that just the very reason why you should do the course? Everyone is busy! A good course will give you the space and time for yourself that you most crave and re-charge your energy!  Its a win-win for everyone, partner/ kids and you! 

4. People around me won’t approve … 

Internal Dialogue: 

They’ll think I’m turning weird. 

Course Director:

So what!  They’ll also be the first to ask you to teach them! So step out of your comfort zone, feel the fear and achieve your goals!

5. What happens if I miss a weekend or some family event happens and I can’t attend?

Internal Dialogue: 

After the time and financial investment I wont get a qualification.

Course Director:

We always have to deal with this on any course we run but rest assured there are always solutions to you finishing your required hours.  Stuff happens and any good course will always work with you and not against you 

6. I can’t afford it

Internal Dialogue: 

The course is a lot of money for me to spend

Course Director:

You can’t afford not to!  Most good courses offer payment options and there are more funding options appearing all the time. Always ask about scholarships or exchange!

7. It’s not worth the investment

Internal Dialogue: 

Its only a dream – I can never really afford to do it!

Course Director:

How much are you willing to spend to have time developing and working on your personal, physical, mental and emotional health and a feeling of well-being? The change first happens with you, and then change happens in the world around you.

To sum up … Try getting rid of old belief patterns that keep you stuck as doing so is the way forward to a new future. Turn the negative thoughts into positive actions and the world is your oyster, or, the world is your Kurmasana (in Sanskrit)! 

Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd 

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training